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The professional portal for physicians.

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Obtain information on the latest findings from research and science via your smartphone by using the new medperts app – with information specifically for your specialty.
Whether on your way to the clinic, after work or abroad: The medperts app allows you to stay up to date at all times and lets you download medical expertise to your smartphone or tablet quickly and easily. Make the choice for knowledge available around the clock.

Current News

Medical and scientific developments are occurring at an ever increasing pace. medperts offers you a centralized portal with an overview of the latest findings, research results and innovations. The news on the home page can be easily sorted by specialty, so that you always see the information which is relevant to you.

For experts by experts

The medperts editorial department researches the current medical field topics on a daily basis and makes a selection of the most important scientific study results and relevant developments available to you. In order to provide you with high quality information, the editorial department is supported by experienced medical practitioners. Of course you can send your additions, comments and questions directly to the editorial department or post them as comments below the corresponding article.

Research in PubMed specialist articles and other medical sources

Search specialist articles in PubMed/Medline via DIMDI, Wikipedia articles, events, and of course our medperts articles.

Dialog at eye level

In addition to the medical specialties, medperts deals with the challenges of the future. What are the main topics that concern us today and in the future? What will the medicine of tomorrow need, and how can we overcome these challenges? medperts acts as an incubator of intensive dialog between medical practitioners and industry in order to jointly discover the opportunities to develop ideas and turn visions into innovations.

medperts offers you free access to current reports and information from the world of medicine, easily accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone – valuable expert knowledge which will help you with your work in the future.

The medperts app is available free of charge to all licensed physicians (members of the medical profession in accordance with Section2 HWG (German law on the advertising of medicinal products).

We recommend a 3G or WLAN connection for downloading and using the online content.
Information on our privacy policy is available at: medperts_com/region/international/privacy-policy
We look forward to your comments and suggestions which will help us further improve the medperts app.
Send us an email at:

We hope you enjoy browsing and look forward to your feedback.
Your medperts team

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