Vaccines Guide – Everything You Need To Know About Vaccines and Immunization – Free Version

Vaccines Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Vaccines and Immunization – Free Version

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This app is designed for health professionals and students, however anyone interested in knowing the various types of vaccines, their schedules, indications and contraindications will find this app very helpful.
It follows a simple and straight forward academic design and streamlined approach to make it equally easy to use both for those who are looking for a specific piece of information and those who use this app as a primary guide to know about vaccines and immunization.

1): This app contains detail information regarding the types, usage, and contraindications of almost all commonly used vaccines in clinical settings (approx 25 vaccine preventable infections).
2): Routine childhood immunization schedules currently in practice in various parts of the world like US, UK, Australia, India and Pakistan. (Pro Version Only)
3): . Vaccination recommendations for specific population groups like Healthcare workers, Pregnant women and Asplenic individuals. (Pro Version Only)
4): All info collected from credible and recognized authoritative sources.

To ensure accuracy has been the primary concern throughout the development of this app, however feel free to point out any errors or omissions in the content of this app. Comments and feedback regarding content quality and for further improvement of this are highly welcomed.


This app is intended for educational use only and should be used as such. It must not be considered equivalent to a medical advice on which serious decisions may be based. Contact your local healthcare authorities in case of any health concerns. The user assumes all the responsibility for the use of information provided in this app.


See detail information and download apk file:


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