TEP-App – This app is designed to support patients after hip or knee prosthesis implantation


This app is designed to support patients after hip or knee prosthesis implantation

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purpose of the app:
This app is designed to support the patient during the healing process after implantation of a hip or knee prosthesis, by providing for a general information, but on the other hand, helps document the healing process. Patients should be more actively involved in the treatment.

Target Group:
The app is aimed primarily at patients of the project on “Cross-sector supply chains in arthroplasty of the knee and hip joints” (TEP app) participating institutions.

Functions and Features
Information and Process mode: information is as far as it appears to match the current course of treatment; this includes tasks that gets asked of the patient, for example, performed exercises.

daily overview information and tasks: Here, patients receive an overview of the current day and be asked to work on specific tasks (eg, exercise).

Patient diary lead: Here can be detected, the current status – what was up to the current day already achieved? These include, inter alia, the use of aids, mobility, range of motion of the operated joint and additional notes of the patient. The current level of pain can also be detected.

Enter therapeutic goals: Here the patient can grasp what goals he wants to achieve through surgery and rehab (function of the joint, pain, activities of daily living).

Control packing lists: Einpackhilfe for the stay in the hospital or rehab – what patients should take everything for the stay.

have photos to show exercises: Videos and images are to illustrate how each recommended exercises to be carried out.

Note Open questions: Here the patient can record the questions he wants to ask his handlers in later.

Collected data sent: The recorded data can be sent via email to any recipient.

Authors and contents:
At the design of the app and its contents following experts were involved:
& # 8226; & # 8195; Prof. Dr. Gabriela von Lewinsky. Specialist in Orthopedics (Annastift)
& # 8226; & # 8195; Dr. phil. Graduate Social Sciences. Brigitte Sens (Center for Quality and Health Care Management – ZQ)
& # 8226; & # 8195; employees of rehab clinics involved
& # 8226; & # 8195; Tobias Jungnickel, MSc; Dr. rer. biol. hum. Ute of Jan; Dr. med. Urs-Vito Albrecht, MPH (Med. Hochschule Hannover, PL Reichertz Institute for Med. Computer science at the TU Braunschweig and the Med. Hochschule Hannover)

application restrictions and limitations:
The app is only for information and documentation purposes. You can not and should not replace medical advice. If you are treated at a non-participating institutions in the project, you can use the app though, but her treatment plan of the treatment path specified by the App may vary. Please always follow the instructions of your own doctors and physiotherapists. The time data for the postoperative course, that appear during the use, based on the information supplied by the user to the operating date of hospital discharge, and the rehab start and experience related to the course and may vary greatly from one individual.

Dealing with Data:
Data are collected only after the initiative by the user. There is no automatic data collection. The user must accept any data collection itself trigger (manual input) and can, if desired, delete the app directly in the collected data. The data can be exported via email; Also this operation, the user must trigger themselves.

The TEP app was average “quality initiative – Lower Saxony Association for the Promotion of Quality in Health Care Association” financed and is ad-free.

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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