MedizinStart 2016 – Individual analysis of the university start AdH trial offer!

MedizinStart 2016

Individual analysis of the university start AdH trial offer!

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Currently available: Human Medicine Summer Semester 2016
                          Dentistry Summer Semester 2016

The application period has expired, still useable, the app can be used to their own opportunities to study medicine rough estimate.

You want you for a medical degree program apply, but lookest not at
This app helps you to understand the confusing trial offer!

It’s easy:
The app asks you for all the important information, thereby calculating your chances of approval in the selection process every university!
The courses offered by the university start is detected and forms the basis for the calculation, then your score is the selection limits the Reference Semester (as Sommersemsester 2015 Reference Term for the summer semester 2016) compared.
This algorithm computes very quickly and easily what note and therefore chance of an approval result for you in the selection of universities (AdH).

For developers: I now studying Zahmedizin in the first half and had the Odyssey with already behind me, who is subject to any candidate.
To facilitate the entry and the index I programmed this app that I would have also wanted to help 🙂

The app is still in its infancy, minor errors, especially orthographic nature, that could not have been resolved via error messages or suggestions by e-mail so I would be very happy.


€ 2.85 ??!?!? !!?!?!
As a student you can get a little financial support always good use, this app will not make me rich, but perhaps for a long time that a bit is required for programming balance.
Around the medical studies, there are plenty, very expensive business that hardly help, this app is a small, but sometimes very helpful tool.

AdH (selection of universities)
The app takes you the annoying calculate the requirements of AdH individual universities from, this app calculates neither the opportunities in Abibesten- and latency rate.
Because the odds for Abibestenquote can be read directly from the previous NC, as well as the required waiting semester.

Medical despite mediocre Abi?
Take the TMS (! If you rank well there you should definitely stay tuned, you’re probably a very good doctor! And have distinct advantages in some universities.
One should be said, however, if your Abi worse than, say … 2.0 is and you have (proof of education / FSJ / Youth Research Winner) not a good TMS earnings or other bonuses, you will not have fun with have the app, they will confront you relentlessly with the reality that the chances of a regular admission through the university start bad standing. So please do not be disappointed if you say the app “There was unfortunately no suitable Uni be found for you.”
The Einagabe is possible up to a Abischnitt of 2.5, including there is little chance of approval because many universities vorraussetzten an average of about 2.5 or better.

This app is only intended as a guide and does not replace the in-depth research on, which is necessary for an application for a medical degree.
This app uses the freely available data from university start and the respective colleges.
There is no connection with the Foundation for university admissions (
The contents are carefully checked and undergo several tests before publication, still can not accept liability for the calculated results or resulting decisions for application to take effect.

* About content Note: For the summer semester 2015 was, despite intensive research, from the University of Tübingen no official selection boundaries are found, hence the NC was 1.1 (human medicine) and 1.5 (Dentistry) estimated.

Detail information:


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