iGOZ – Fee schedule for dentists with comment of the German Dental Association


Fee schedule for dentists with comment of the German Dental Association

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iGOZ – fees for dentists with comment of the Federal Dental Association

IGOZ with the fee schedule for dentists (GOZ) goes mobile – anytime, anywhere handy. The special value of the integrated comment iGOZ the Federal Dental Association. Defined explanations, instructions and recommendations to help calculate the GOZ apply it properly.

iGOZ contains the GOZ also those benefits from the fees for doctors schedule (), which are settled in the dental office. Full-text search, it is possible to search in the service descriptions. With a filter you can make the choice whether you want to search in the GOZ or the medical fee schedule. Search result the toggle switch is in the “performance”, you will see the performance number, the performance text and the chapter, which includes the performance. Have complied with the settlement of a performance exclusions or other information is provided, the information you learn about the button. The comment button leads directly to the GOZ in the annotation of the Federal Dental Association – both in performance and in the Paragraph section. If the toggle switch to “computer”, the point value of the service appears. Single, standard medium and maximum rate you identify with a scroll wheel. For a quick overview, you can save more frequently performed services in a favorites list.

IGOZ was developed by the Association of Private medical clearing (PVS) in collaboration with the Federal Dental Association (BZÄK). The PADline GmbH has supported the development as an Android developer. The PVS Association is the umbrella organization of Germany’s 14 private medical clearing that offer the medical community facilities services “by doctors for doctors” around the private medical and dental management fee. The BZÄK is the professional association of all German dentists at the federal level. BZÄK are members of the dental chambers of the federal states. The PADline GmbH is a subsidiary and telematics provider of private medical clearing responsible for IT solutions in the area of ​​telematics liquidation of private medical services.

In iGOZ legislation are reproduced. The user must trust that the publisher has used every effort and care to reproducing the existing rules properly. Error can not be excluded. Therefore, the publisher can not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of data and information; any obligation or liability can not be obtained from them.

Detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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