Homeopathiewijzer – Find a natural remedy for your ailment with Homeopathy Guide app


Find a natural remedy for your ailment with Homeopathy Guide app

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Almost everyone gets it sometimes at home: a homeopathic remedy. Because it’s not always clear which homeopathic ingredient you can use at any health ailment, the Royal Netherlands Society Homeopathy Homeopathy Guide app has been developed.

In this informative app contains a handy alphabetical list of key health ailments and the natural ingredients and thereby be applied in homeopathy. You can also find a homeopath with you around or call the Loop Homeopathy. And you stand at the chemist and doubting what homeopathic self-care means you can choose the best, it helps the product scanner you started. By scanning the barcode of a homeopathic remedy you can see which active ingredients there are in the way and you can see the leaflet.

Using this app you can:

• Find more information on the major health ailments and natural ingredients whose names are used in homeopathy;
• Scan a homeopathic medicine at the drugstore or pharmacy, directly read more information about the product and see the package insert;
• find a qualified homeopath in the neighborhood;
• Homeopathy Line call all your questions about homeopathy;
• Tip: Member Association is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a wonderful medicine in which the self healing capacity stimulated in a natural way and activates.

More information can be found on vereniginghomeopathie_nl.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: goo.gl/7nl0w8


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