InstantHelp – Put quickly and easily in an emergency a comprehensive emergency call.


Put quickly and easily in an emergency a comprehensive emergency call.

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With one click you alert

The emergency call center (110/112)
First responders in your area
Personal contacts

You are in an emergency situation, but can not make calls?
The SILENCE EMERGENCY alerted without call first responders and personal confidants.

You are abroad and need help?
With Instant Help select automatically the appropriate emergency number and inform first responders and also close confidants in the world.

You want to be alerted when your children, friends or parents are in distress?
Take advantage of the function “Emergency Contacts” and create your individual emergency.

You want to help people in your neighborhood in an emergency?
Sign up for a rescuer to and become an active part of the community!

Instant Help provides users with the opportunity to sell in an emergency with one click on multiple channels a call for help.
We distinguish between police and emergency rescue.
In the case of crimes such as threats, trespassing or other assaults select the police emergency. You are immediately connected to the 110, while Instant Help for your emergency alerted qualified first responders and their confidants.
In case of a medical emergency or a fire, choose the Rescue emergency. You are immediately connected to the 112, will be alerted while medically qualified first aiders in your neighborhood and your confidants.

Emergency contacts
Do you have the appropriate in-app purchase completed, you can use the SMS service available.
This includes an automatically sent in an emergency SMS to emergency contacts you specify. This can, for example, His friends or relatives. The SMS contains the type of emergency and your location.

The service “emergency contacts” must be as open as in-app purchase. There are packages “1 Emergency Contact” (1.99 € per year), “2 emergency contacts” (2,99 € per year), “3 emergency contacts” (3,99 € per year) and “5 emergency contacts” (4, € 99 per year) are available. By purchasing the service for one year is unlocked. In any emergency, you trigger during this period via Instant Help, get the set emergency contacts a text message with the type of emergency and your location. After one year, your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it manually.
When setting up the app, you can specify that you want to help people in your environment in emergency situations. This specification is not mandatory. You can also use as a pure cry for help, the app so. Do you want to come as a helper in action, enter below your qualifications for police and rescue emergencies.
Occurred an emergency in your area, you will be informed of the app on it. Are you currently available, you get more information such as the exact location of the emergency.
You can disable on the home screen of your app helper readiness at all times.

In addition to classic emergency You can also select the silent emergency. As a result, a window opens in which you can formulate a clear text that is communicated to the first responders and emergency contacts. Here you can also select the type of emergency. The call to the PSAP deleted.
Please note that the PSAP is not alarmed with the silent emergency.

To use all the features of the app running, you will be tracked as a user. The detection is carried out at workers per battery friendly GSM positioning.
A motion profile will be created at any time: With each new location of the previous location will be overwritten.
Users who do not act as helpers, localized only in their own emergency via GPS.
The entire positioning is done automatically in the background after you have given your consent once when ordering.

See detail information and download apk file for android:


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