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Neurolog – Academy for Applied Neuroscience

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The Neurological Integration System (NIS) is a purely manual treatment concept for diagnosis and treatment of dysregulation in all body systems. The goal of the NIS is to restore the coherence between environmental and man via the nervous system and thus enable self-healing.

About the app, you have access to all course content to the booked course. The training films with booking a course at Neurolog activated for you and can also be purchased separately.


– The digital training materials contain all the slides from the presentation.
– With the app, you have the training content at any time digitally available on your mobile device.
– A distinction is made between the detailed learning mode and a compact mode of treatment.
– You can look up, repeat and reinforce training content at any time.
– The training contents are also available offline Once loaded. Changes are automatically synchronized.

Cost: The app is free, the training content you purchase each course individually or get help booking a course.

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