Lægehåndbogen – Search free of Medical Handbook of 3,000 disease articles and 2,000 illustrations.


Search free of Medical Handbook of 3,000 disease articles and 2,000 illustrations.

Lægehåndbogen screenshot 0Lægehåndbogen screenshot 1Lægehåndbogen screenshot 2Lægehåndbogen screenshot 3

With this app you can search the Medical Handbook, over 3,000 disease articles and over 2,000 illustrations in the form of drawings, radiographs, photographs, animations and videos. You can save your favorite articles and share content in Medical Handbook with others via email and Facebook. You can search with keywords and diagnosis codes (ICPC2 and ICD10). You also get results from Patient Handbook in the form of patient information.

Medical handbook is an electronic encyclopedia, owned by Danish Regions and the five regions.
Medical Handbook is part of the common public health – sundhed_dk.
Medical Handbook is intended primarily for health professionals. Do not have a healthcare background, you can take advantage Patient Handbook app.

Medical Handbook day operations are managed by a Secretariat, which is housed in the Association. It is
free to use medical handbook for both health professionals and citizens. Medical Handbook is not
funded by advertising and are independent of commercial interests.

The app is developed by Trifork Medical – a subsidiary of Trifork A / s.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: goo.gl/GbNm4H


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