Parents2B – Parents2B helps expecting couples with the emotional preparation for parenthood


Parents2B helps expecting couples with the emotional preparation for parenthood

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You are having a baby! Pregnancy means that you are up for a big transition in your life. Not only practical changes will occur, you will also go through emotional changes. Major life transitions, such as pregnancy, are important and require attention and a good preparation.

Most programs that aim to prepare expecting couples for parenthood, concentrate on physical aspects of pregnancy, labour and baby care. Physical health is obviously very important and should be rewarded with your attention. There is however another type of health that is equally important: emotional health.

Parents2B focuses on the emotional health of you, your partner and your baby. Emotional health is about being happy, resilient, self-confident and self-aware. In short: emotional health is important to feel good in life. Parents have a crucial task in supporting the healthy emotional development of their children. Parents2B can support you in fulfilling this task.

The Parents2B App is the only app that is specifically aimed to help you and your partner prepare for the emotional challenges all new parents have to face: building and maintaining a good relationship with your baby and with each other in your new role as parents. Many new parents have to get used to parenthood. Scientific evidence shows that a good preparation can help you to ease the transition, resulting in a good start for your new family.

The information in this app is based on scientific insights.

This app will give you:
– Information on psychological aspects of pregnancy
– Information on baby- and child psychology
– Specific questions that help you to be aware of the emotional state that you are in
– Interviews with parents (to be)
– Film clips and tips on interaction with babies
– Tips on childrearing
– Tips on communication with your partner
– Exercises to connect to your baby
– A mindfulness exercise, to make time for yourself
– A reminder, to help remind you to discuss important topics with your partner

In order to get acquainted Parents2B can be downloaded for free. The upgrade to the full program requires a one-time payment. The full program gives you more important themes to think about and discuss with your partner, more useful video clips and more exercises to connect to your baby. It will give you all the information you need to make sure that you, your partner and your baby will make a good transition to this new life. You can follow this program whenever the timing is right for you. Following the entire program will take up approximately 10 minutes of your time every week.

Parents2B is developed by Babykennis, a professional organisation that is specialised in pregnancy- and infant psychology. Babykennis aims to promote the emotional wellbeing of babies and their parents.

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