Antiinfektiva-Leitfaden – Recommendations for empirical anti-infective therapy and prophylaxis


Recommendations for empirical anti-infective therapy and prophylaxis

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Recommendations for empirical anti-infective therapy and prophylaxis
2nd edition 2015
Workgroup anti-infectives at the University Hospital Halle (Saale)

– General information on the use of anti-infectives
– De-escalation of antibiotic therapy
– Section I – Therapy
– Section II – dealing with multiresistant pathogens
– Section III – prophylaxis
– Section IV – infections in childhood
– Section V – Medicines
– Section VI – Microbiology
– Search function
– Telephone directory

Due to the continuously increasing number of antibiotic-resistant pathogens, the treatment of infectious diseases is an increasing challenge to the clinicians doctors. In this case, not only the knowledge of pathogens and resistances spectra is important. The effects of the individual substances on the development of resistance must be considered. To present developments of the development of resistance to the UKH and new aspects of the anti-infective therapy to take into account, after nearly 3 years a review of the anti-infective Guidelines became necessary. With a few personnel changes, the working group has come together again and completely revised after evaluation of microbiological data and changes in antibiotic consumption the guide. Focus of the 2nd edition is to give specific recommendations to the de-escalation of a calculated initial therapy, thereby reducing the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics was.

We look beyond the interest in our guide through the Clinic and ask all colleagues for their suggestions and amendments that we collect for the next edition like.

Hall, in January 2015

PD Dr. T. Klöss
medical director
Chairman of the
Hospital Board

Prof. Dr. M. Gekle
Dean of the Med. Faculty

Dr. R. Harnisch
Chairman of the
Drug Commission

The anti-infective Guidelines was adopted in January 2015 by the Hospital Board and therefore has the character of a service statement. Deviations are permitted only for medical reasons, and the reasons are written to document in the patient record. In case of doubt a Infectiological case conference should be sought immediately.

The contents have been prepared solely for use at the University Hospital Halle. From an application outside of the university hospital is not recommended.

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