Do not resuscitate pendant – With this Android app, you can order a Do-not-resuscitate pendant at Kado-foto

Do not resuscitate pendant

With this Android app, you can order a Do-not-resuscitate pendant at Kado-foto

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We offer Neutral Do-Not-Resuscitate pendants made by Kado-foto, a company in Holland.

With this app you can order a neutral do not resuscitate pendant. (DNR-pendant) If you have an Android tablet or smartphone, this could make the order easier.

At the order form you can fill in all the required data and upload the necessary files. You will get an email confirmation afterwards.

Our DNR-pendants are:

– a written advance care directive with a Do-not-resuscitate order on it
– wear resistant engraving of your photograph and signature
– we use stainless steel or titanium, both hypo-allergenic and strong
– Everyone shall have the right to inviolability of his person, without prejudice to restrictions laid down by or pursuant to Act of Parliament.

This pendant will show your DNR-orders.

Guidelines issued by the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing say that DNR orders should only be issued after discussion with patients or their family. If the decision has been made to wear a do-not-resuscitate pendant, then we could provide one. It is very important to be very well informed about the consequences of wearing a DNR-pendant.

Guidelines UK and USA:

The UK medical profession has quite wide guidelines for circumstances in which a DNR may be issued:

– if a patient’s condition is such that resuscitation is unlikely to succeed
– if a mentally competent patient has consistently stated or recorded the fact that he or she does not want to be resuscitated
– if there is advanced notice or a living will which says the patient does not want to be resuscitated
– if successful resuscitation would not be in the patient’s best interest because it would lead to a poor quality of life

In the UK, NHS Trusts must ensure:

An agreed resuscitation policy that respects patients’ rights is in place
a non-executive director is identified to oversee implementation of policy
the policy is readily available to patients, families and carers
the policy is put under audit and regularly monitored.

Kado-foto holds no responsibility for any unwanted outcome, when wearing a do-not-resuscitate pendant made by Kado-foto.


In the U.S., CPR and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) will not be performed if a valid written “DNR” order is present. Many US states do not recognize living wills or health care proxies in the prehospital setting and prehospital personnel in those areas may be required to initiate resuscitation measures unless a specific state sponsored form is appropriately filled out and cosigned by a physician.

State laws vary but typically emergency medical services personnel who are presented with a valid DNR form, signed by your doctor, or who identify a standard DNR bracelet on you, must comply with the DNR order.

DNR Bracelets
If you would like to get a DNR bracelet, American Medical ID offers many styles of medical id jewelry bearing the traditional medical symbol on the front and DO NOT RESUSCITATE may be engraved on the ID. DNR bracelets alert emergency medical services personnel that a valid nonhospital DNR order is in effect. You can have a valid nonhospital DNR order without wearing a DNR bracelet – the bracelet is purely voluntary. A bracelet does not guarantee that medical personnel will abide by the order, so check with the laws in your state to assure yourself the best possibility that the DNR bracelet will be obeyed.

Persons requesting a DNR-pendant should first complete a DNR Order Form, which must be signed by their physician and made a part of their personal health record. If you want to be extra prepared, or if your state doesn’t honor pre-hospital setting DNR’s, keep a physical order on you.


If you have any questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to:
We ensure you that your personal information is kept strictly confidential. We will not sell, trade, share or transfer your personal data to any third parties.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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