Mobile FRAT – Triage suspected radiation casualties based on initial human radio-response.

Mobile FRAT

Triage suspected radiation casualties based on initial human radio-response.

Mobile FRAT screenshot 0Mobile FRAT screenshot 1Mobile FRAT screenshot 2Mobile FRAT screenshot 3Mobile FRAT screenshot 4Mobile FRAT screenshot 5Mobile FRAT screenshot 6Mobile FRAT screenshot 7

The First-responders Radiological Assessment Triage (FRAT) is a software application being developed by the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI) to enable first responders to triage suspected radiation casualties based on the prodromal features listed in the Emergency Radiation Medicine Response–AFRRI Pocket Guide. FRAT was developed and released for use with Windows operating system (OS) but with the intent to also transition for use on candidate mobile platforms. Here we have released a mobile FRAT for use on smart phone devices supporting Android. FRAT provides screens to record and analyze: (1) signs and symptoms, (2) blood lymphocyte counts, and (3) dosimetry data. An expert panel provided input to permit weighing these multiple individual biodosimetric indices. The program will assess the multiparameter triage dose or the exposure without an assigned dose, or it will indicate there is no evidence of overexposure. Additional FRAT output features include triage dose-specific messages addressing (1) hematology guidance, (2) reliability and diagnostic information, (3) hospitalization estimations, and (4) mortality projections. The application also can serve as a training tool for use in a variety of radiological scenario exercises.

Download apk file:


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