Lipase-APP – To determine the default value of lipase units per 1 gram of dietary fat


To determine the default value of lipase units per 1 gram of dietary fat

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Every healthy pancreas produces enzymes that are required in the human body for metabolic processes. Enzymes are primarily responsible for the protein, carbohydrate and fat breakdown. They help to absorb nutrients in the gut in digested form in the bloodstream! People with a dysfunction of the pancreas, a stomach removal or cystic fibrosis sufferers fatty food can inadequately or not use and are therefore at external supply of enzymes depend.

The optimal enzyme intake at each meal is very important. Professionals in the medical created the basis for the enzyme dosage. This reference value should of course be adapted to the severity of the disease and may differ materially from the standard values. The individually different dosage must be determined in any case with the treating physician.

The lipase-APP, you can easily identify all the defaults and customize your personal situation.

Note: Here we offer no medical advice. In this app you will find the established among experts defaults. Each user of this website / lipase app should determine the optimum lipase unit per 1 gram of dietary fat with the doctor or pharmacist of their choice.
As we have partially absorbed manufacturer unchecked, we can not guarantee for any misrepresentation of the fat content.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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