Notfall homöopathisch – Find quickly an appropriate homeopathic medicine in an emergency.

Notfall homöopathisch

Find quickly an appropriate homeopathic medicine in an emergency.

Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 0Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 1Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 2Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 3Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 4Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 5Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 6Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 7Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 8Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 9Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 10Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 11Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 12Notfall homöopathisch screenshot 13

Total plant emergency homeopathy
Homeopathy has excellent effect, so even with various emergencies for many ailments.
When the correct remedy is found, it acts quickly and reliably for pain and life-threatening conditions. It helps the body in the event of sickness to respond well and is able to prevent serious consequences. Best of all, that this is done without undesirable side effects!
Now it appears the Leien perhaps very complicated to use homeopathy.
But especially in an acute emergency, the application is easy and I can only advise everyone to adopts small house knowledge about.
Learning while doing is also here not the most perverse and I am sure that this will be topped by quick progress.
This program facilitates you go home and quickly find a suitable homeopathic remedy in the event of an emergency.
In addition, it gives you with a few more general tips and measures.

This is now our entire work, with no advertising, of course, containing all the little modules that we do. It is therefore automatically extended and updated. Now there are:

breach homeopathy, this is about all kinds of injury

Emergency generally as sunstroke or frostbite

Planned shortly, the modules are:

teething, info and tips about the classics

the heart, brain, nerve

Ear, Nose, ears

stomach, intestine

So now a lot of fun while browsing and a lot of success in the application, and, of them as little as possible seriously!

Download apk file for your android phone:


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