ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide – Diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, step by step with recommended antibody tests.

ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide

Diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, step by step with recommended antibody tests.

ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide screenshot 0ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide screenshot 1ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide screenshot 2ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide screenshot 3

From patient’s complaints to suspected diagnosis to recommended autoantibody testing: The ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide app summarizes diagnosis and treatment of major autoimmune diseases – step by step, short and precise. A brief description of the autoimmune disorder in question and the recommended antibody tests are just a tap away.

The antibody almanac precisely defines medical terms within the scope of autoimmune diagnostics and autoimmunity. The video tutorial section allows for watching instructional films about our test systems, the ELISA test systems as well as the immunoblots and the rheumachec® rapid test. The shared content from the ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Blog keeps you current with topical subjects in autoimmunity.

Facing a diagnostic challenge related to an IF pattern after indirect immunofluorescence assay? – Send an image of the pattern to the experienced professionals of GRÜNER CLUB AUTOIMMUN and discuss with the IFA Expert Community. We are looking forward to your ideas, questions and comments!

In addition to that, the ORGENTEC Autoimmunity Guide app provides immediate and straightforward access to our comprehensive product line-up of autoimmunity assays of:

• Rheumatology Diagnostics
• Thrombosis Diagnostics
• ANCA & Vasculitis Diagnostics
• Gastroenterology and Liver Disease Diagnostics
• Thyroid Diagnostics
• Diabetes Diagnostics

Since its inception in 1988, Mainz-based ORGENTEC Diagnostika has been a world market leader in the development, production, and marketing of test systems for laboratory diagnostics. Our company has developed more than 200 highly specific ELISA test systems, as well as blot and immunofluorescence tests for diagnosing autoimmune diseases and infection serology. Many of these are protected by patent rights.

See more information and download apk file:


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