Praxis Ruhr – Current information from your "practice Ruhr" in Essen with many service offerings.

Praxis Ruhr

Current information from your "practice Ruhr" in Essen with many service offerings.

Praxis Ruhr screenshot 0Praxis Ruhr screenshot 1Praxis Ruhr screenshot 2Praxis Ruhr screenshot 3Praxis Ruhr screenshot 4Praxis Ruhr screenshot 5Praxis Ruhr screenshot 6Praxis Ruhr screenshot 7Praxis Ruhr screenshot 8Praxis Ruhr screenshot 9Praxis Ruhr screenshot 10Praxis Ruhr screenshot 11Praxis Ruhr screenshot 12Praxis Ruhr screenshot 13Praxis Ruhr screenshot 14Praxis Ruhr screenshot 15Praxis Ruhr screenshot 16Praxis Ruhr screenshot 17

Thank you for your feedback on version 1.0 of the application. We gladly taken up directly, and some new functions integrated into the application to increase the service to the many good ideas.
So you can now directly in the app your personal health information, such as:
– Blood pressure and pulse,
– Blood glucose levels,
– Peak flow values, but also
– Your medications
Enter allergies or intolerances and –
– Pre-order on request referrals or prescriptions directly from the application at any location in the group practice Ruhr for pickup.
All data entered by you remain 100% in the application and are located exclusively in the local memory of your smartphone.
Updating the Application (Pull the menu down and release), we provide the latest information on our sites or interesting health topics.
Stay healthy – you stay in touch with us!
Your dental team of community practice Ruhr.

With the app “practice Ruhr” you are always informed about current health issues and receive seasonal tips for your personal health. Do you now go getting all important information and contact details for our practices available.
The group practice Ruhr in Essen is a supra-regional group practice consisting of four locations:
About Ruhr-Hinsel (practice Ruhrhalbinsel), Überruhr-Holthausen (practice Überruhr), Forest City (town forest practice) and Burg Altendorf (practice Burgaltendorf). This makes it possible for us to have all patients come to the best team in addition to the normal primary care, especially the special skills and training of doctors and team members.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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