Health Tips in Hindi – Android's best hindi app for Medical Tips on Healthy Life

Health Tips in Hindi

Android’s best hindi app for Medical Tips on Healthy Life

Health Tips in Hindi screenshot 0Health Tips in Hindi screenshot 1Health Tips in Hindi screenshot 2Health Tips in Hindi screenshot 3Health Tips in Hindi screenshot 4Health Tips in Hindi screenshot 5Health Tips in Hindi screenshot 6Health Tips in Hindi screenshot 7Health Tips in Hindi screenshot 8Health Tips in Hindi screenshot 9

Here is our next app that everyone should have it in their android mobiles and tablets to lead a healthy life. The app is basically a collection of medical tips (every day foods) from Homeopathy, Sidhdha, Granny Medicines that would come in handy for us in case of general health issues.

These medical tips are arranged in three different categories,

1. By Body Parts
2. By Diseases or Body Issues or Body Problems
3. By Food Items / Medicines

The app will be a reference app for anyone who wants to use these simple homeopathy (medicines that can be prepared using home products), Sidhdha and Granny Medicines (or Hand Medicines which were being followed by our fore fathers and fore mothers to cure most of the problems).

Please note, the app is merely a collection of medical tips from various sources, we have not verified any of these tips. So, by downloading this app, you agree that we are not responsible for any of the effects. You should consult the certified medical practitioner for any serious health issues.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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