LIKY – Reference drugs.


Reference drugs.

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This program will allow you to get rid of the need to save a lot of paper instructions to medicines in your medicine cabinet. The first time you get downloading brief information on more than 6,000 medications available in pharmacies Ukraine. By using this application, you can easily find analogues synonyms or drugs, you will have the opportunity to take a preliminary decision on the necessary medicines without additional visits to pharmacies and consultation pharmacologists.
And most importantly, the whole base preparations will be in your mobile device, and not somewhere on the web. In any place where ever you are, you can specify information about drug treatment prescribed to you (this may be the dosage information on side effects, indications, etc.).
And you can download for selected drugs full instructions, when you have an Internet connection and leave them to themselves as long as they need you. You can save separate medications purchased at the pharmacy, and always easy to get detailed information on them.

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AIFarmaci – Formulary Drugs Equivalents AIFA


Formulary Drugs Equivalents AIFA

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AIFarmaci was created to provide rapid assistance to students and health care professionals in a clinical setting and study.

It allows you to quickly recall the properties of drugs of “transparency list” provided by the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA). including generic name, specialty preparations, manufacturers, prices and much more in just a few steps from your phone or tablet.

With this application the pockets of your gowns will no longer be smashed by the bulky and uncomfortable pharmaceutical formularies “pocket”!

They are present:
336 Companies
244 active
2488 unique drugs
5801 drugs.

NOT need any internet connection!

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EAU Pocket Guidelines – The EAU Pocket Guidelines are available in this app

EAU Pocket Guidelines

The EAU Pocket Guidelines are available in this app

EAU Pocket Guidelines screenshot 0EAU Pocket Guidelines screenshot 1

The EAU Guidelines are available online in a number of different electronic formats.

Please note: Several translations of the EAU clinical guidelines documents are available. These translations and republications have been carried out by, and under the supervision of, national urological associations. Information on such translations and republication is available.

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Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker – Diabetes app tracks Glucose, Insulin, Food, Activities, BP, Weight, Cholesterol

Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker

Diabetes app tracks Glucose, Insulin, Food, Activities, BP, Weight, Cholesterol

Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker screenshot 0Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker screenshot 1Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker screenshot 2Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker screenshot 3Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker screenshot 4Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker screenshot 5Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker screenshot 6Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker screenshot 7Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker screenshot 8Diabetiga Cals & Carbs Tracker screenshot 9

Diabetiga CC is a Diabetes Tracker Application. Which tracks your Glucose Readings, Medication or Insulin Doses, Food intake, Activities, Exercises, Blood Pressure (BP), Heart Rate, Weight, Cholesterol levels, Lab Reports. Diabetiga cc gives the data as a list for easy comparison. Diabetiga cc also provides the data in Charts and Graphs. Diabetiga calculates various Dose calculations like Carbohydrate Coverage Meal, High blood Sugar Correction Dose, Total Mealtime Dose, Bolus Correction, Daily Insulin Requirement, Controlled Dose, Ratios. Diabetiga also calculates Calculates Glycemic Load, Hba1c-glucose, Corrected Calcium, Hidden Calories, Diabetes Risk Assessment and Mody Calculation. It has also does calculates your Fitness Parameters like BMI , BMR, Fat Percentage, Frame Type, Body Shape and it recommends Ideal weight, Calories required Daily, Water Requirement. Going a Step further it also predicts your Life span, Biological Age and Mental Age. It provides your Physical Fitness Profile, Emotional Fitness Profile and Social Fitness Profile. It comes with Count up and Count Down Timer

Food Tracking
Database: Comes with Inbuilt Food and Recipe Database.
Nutrition : Carbohydrates (Carbs), Proteins, Lipids, Fiber .
Calorie: Track Calories
Food Measure: cups, tablespoon, quart, serving, slice, packet, oz

Exercise, Fitness and Activities Tracking
Automatic Tracking :Normal Walking, Running, Biking
METS: Comes with Inbuilt METS database.
User Input: Calories, Time spent on Activities based on METS

Track Readings
Track Glucose readings, HbA1c readings Etc

Track Medication
Insulin doses
Medication Doses

Weight Tracking
Both in Metric as well as Imperial Systems

Lab Report Tracking
Cholesterol: Total, HDL, LDL, VLDL, Triglycerides
Kidney : Creatanine, Clearance, eGfr, Micro-albumin, Albumin
Sugar: Random Blood Sugar (RBS), Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), 2Hr Pc, OGTT, HbA1c from Lab

Blood Pressure Tracking
Systole, Diastole. Manually store BP and Track
Pulse: Heart Rate Track

Display and Export
Entries as list
Entries as Charts and Graphs
File: Save entries as CSV file;
Image: Save Chart as Image file

Dose Calculations
Carbohydrate Coverage Meal dose
High blood sugar correction dose
Total mealtime dose
Total Daily Insulin Requirement
Bolus Correction : Basal / Background Insulin dose , Carbohydrate Coverage Ratio, High Blood Sugar Correction Factor
Controlled Dose
RATIO : Blood sugar/ Insulin, Blood Sugar / Carbohydrates, Insulin / carbohydrates ratios

Diabetes Calculations
GLYCEMIC LOAD: Glycemic Load from Glycemic Index and Carbohydrates values.
HbA1c – GLUCOSE : calculate between HbA1c, Average Blood Glucose, Estimated Average Glucose and also between different units mg/dl or mmol/l.
Corrected Calcium
Hidden Calorie : calculate the amount of calories and get the hidden calories.

Diabetes Risk
Diabetes Risk Assessment: This calculates the Risk of a Person getting diabetes. :
MODY:Gives the probability of a Young Person getting Mody.

Fitness Calculations
BMI, BMR (RMR), Fat Percentage & weight, Frame Type, Body shape
Calorie Burn
RMR (BMR) : Calories Burnt for Normal Body Functions
METS : Calorie Burn based on METS values for each Exercise or Activity

Ideal Weight:: What should be your Weight for your physical build.
Daily Calorie: Calorie consumption to Gain, Maintain or Lose Weight.
Water : Required Daily Water Consumption.

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Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track – Track Reading, Dose, Glycemic Load of Food from Database, Chart, Calculations

Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track

Track Reading, Dose, Glycemic Load of Food from Database, Chart, Calculations

Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track screenshot 0Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track screenshot 1Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track screenshot 2Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track screenshot 3Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track screenshot 4Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track screenshot 5Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track screenshot 6Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track screenshot 7Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track screenshot 8Diabetiga Diabetes GL Track screenshot 9

Having Diabetes, means dealing with lots of numbers and tracking regularly Blood Glucose, Insulin or Medication doses, Carb counting etc. Recording the values, looking for trends. Keeping all the parameters within range is a challenge. Diabetiga Helps in record, displays as lists and chart for you get better perspective

Why Glycemic Load tracking, while others provide carb counting. The glycemic index or glycaemic index (GI) represents the total rise in a person’s blood sugar level following consumption of the food. GL is a GI-weighted measure of carbohydrate content. Glycemic Load presents impact of Carbohydrate in Food. So you can better manage your food intake.

Diabetiga GL provides a list of diabetic Comprehensive calculations listed below.

Record and Track Glucose, Medication, Insulin Intake, Food Consumption, weight, Pressure, Laboratory Results. Provides visual graphs of the same. Records provided as single list to help see the correlation between them.

Diabetiga has a food list with carbohydrates value, Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. As Glycemic Load is the better than Counting Carbs or Glycemic Index tracking for Diabetic Patients. The Food Database provides for this parameter. Additional Food Items can be added to the Food Database Manually.

Save the Graph in Image Format
Export your Entries to CSV Format

Risk of Getting Diabetes
Maturity onset of Diabetes -MODY

Carb Coverage Meal Dose
Blood Sugar Correction Dose
Total Mealtime Dose
Total Daily Insulin
Bolus Correction
Controlled Dose
Carbohydrate to Insulin Ratio
Carbohydrates to Blood sugar Ratio
Blood Sugar to Insulin Ratio

Glycemic Load
HBA1c <–> Estimated Average Glucose
Corrected Calcium
Hidden Calorie from Food Label

Support Metric and Imperial systems
BMI, BMR – RMR, Fat Percentage & weight, Frame Type, Body shape, Weight in Other Planets

Save the Vital Parameters as Profiles, for easy access later.

Ideal Weight.
Required Calorie Consumption to Gain, Maintain or Lose Weight.
Required Daily Water Consumption.

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Farmacia GiĆ  Spedali Civili – The pharmacy reports periodically organizes events and product promotions.

Farmacia Già Spedali Civili

The pharmacy reports periodically organizes events and product promotions.

Farmacia Già Spedali Civili screenshot 0Farmacia Già Spedali Civili screenshot 1

The Pharmacy “Yeah Civil Hospital” Dr. Rakes is in Brescia in Luigi Einaudi, 7/9

The pharmacy, as well as offering pharmaceutical products of all kinds, periodic reports offers and product promotions, and organizes activities and events.

At the pharmacy you can prepare all types of drugs, from the simplest to the most complex. The Laboratory of Pharmacy “Yeah Civil Hospital” is adequate to ensure the operations of preparation, packaging, labeling and control of medicines. The area intended for the preparation is separated from the others and, during the activity of preparation of medicines, access to the work area is always controlled by the staff.

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