Tee nii! – Make way! – Self-Help App prevention of suicidal behavior

Tee nii!

Make way! – Self-Help App prevention of suicidal behavior

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“Make way!” Is a self-help app, which is suitable for the prevention and alleviation of suicidal thoughts if the risk of these ideas come true is not great. App is built up of dialectical behavior therapy for some elements. Whenever a person has more than one behavior choices and situations are always more than just black and white shades. Unfortunately, it tends to forget the simple truth, depressed, or if we keep rigidly adhere to their traditional patterns of behavior, which is not supported by our well-being. “Make way!” Offers a long list of pleasant activities that allow to feel alive and experiencing something positive about it at this moment. These activities are a good alternative to self-harm behavior.

“Make way!” App has been developed in Estonia, and it includes:
(1) the opportunity to meet and assess their level of depression
(2) recommendations for welfare-enhancing activities, according to your level of depression, it is possible to choose a short (15 minutes), medium (up to 30 min) or long term (over 1 hour) Action
(3) you have already made a list of activities
(4) information about the risk of suicidal behavior (FAQs and Myths and Facts)
(5) auxiliary contact, where to go in case of crisis

Detail information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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