Erste Hilfe am Berg – "First aid on the Mountain" is the first app for medical emergencies in the mountains.

Erste Hilfe am Berg

"First aid on the Mountain" is the first app for medical emergencies in the mountains.

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This app is available in case of emergency to the side and guides you step by step through the emergency room. You can also use this manual and the Guide as Naschlagewerk to refresh your knowledge on the move with respect to the first aid.

With this app you have the most important emergency numbers always with you! Do not waste your time in an emergency and dial the appropriate emergency number. If a telephone connection in the mountains not even be possible, the app also supports you in the deposition of a Alpine distress signal.

You are abroad and have an emergency? No Panic! With the integrated dictionary you have to major medical and anatomical technical terms to use the proper translation here. The translation of these words in the English, French and Spanish allows you to global communication without misunderstandings.

In the remote regions of the world doctors and hospitals are often only be achieved in several hours or days. Very good that you always have a medical counselor in the bag with this app. With this guide, you will be able to recognize and treat medical emergencies.

This app requires absolutely no access permissions. Your data remains private because this app not involve any of your contacts, calendars, or photos and no network connections builds.

See detail information and download apk file:


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