Nurse Up (ita) – The best application for nurses.

Nurse Up (ita)

The best application for nurses.

Nurse Up (ita) screenshot 0Nurse Up (ita) screenshot 1Nurse Up (ita) screenshot 2Nurse Up (ita) screenshot 3Nurse Up (ita) screenshot 4

This is the first application of reference for nurses, also useful for students of the health professions in the world.

It contains a wealth of information and tools with which the nurse works every day.

– Values ​​of blood
– Values ​​of urine
– Techniques and Procedures
– Useful tools for the diagnosis
– ECG Guide
– Glossary
– Detailed Pictures
– Definition for students

… and much more.

The application is constantly updated

Italian version.

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Brand Name of vaccines (India) – An application about all major brand name of vaccines available in india

Brand Name of vaccines (India)

An application about all major brand name of vaccines available in india

Brand Name of vaccines (India) screenshot 0Brand Name of vaccines (India) screenshot 1Brand Name of vaccines (India) screenshot 2Brand Name of vaccines (India) screenshot 3Brand Name of vaccines (India) screenshot 4Brand Name of vaccines (India) screenshot 5

This application is for all medicos and other who know the brand name and want to know generic name of that vaccines. All brand names are arranged alphabetically so easy to find the name which you want.
If you want to know information about that vaccines download other application vaccines in India.

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StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test. – StereoTAB is an automated Random Dot Test to measure Stereopsis

StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test.

StereoTAB is an automated Random Dot Test to measure Stereopsis

StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test. screenshot 0StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test. screenshot 1StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test. screenshot 2StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test. screenshot 3StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test. screenshot 4StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test. screenshot 5StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test. screenshot 6StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test. screenshot 7StereoTAB. Stereopsis Test. screenshot 8

Useful in Optometric and Ophthalmology Practice, StereoTAB is an automated Random Dot Test to measure Stereopsis or Binocular Disparity with iPad. It is needed anaglyph glasses. The binocular disparity is limited by pixel size and distance of presentation so before to test vision you can check what will be the minimum disparity you can measure.

Version 3.0.2 includes:


– Distances from 0.5m to 3m.
– Anaglyph eyeglasses needed (red cyan or red green).
– Settings layout in wich you can calculate the stereopsis levels of measurement depending on Screening or Finest protocols and distance of presentation.
– Three responsive levels for Screening Procedure.
– Two patterns with square dots or smooth dots.


1.- Use in your iphone to screening stereopsis at 0.50m.
2.- Connect to your iPad or Android Tablet and use it as a remote control.

Please, this is a professional app for medical use. It is very important the perfect running for scientific purposes. If you notice any strange results, please contact with support to clearfy, correct bugs or improve the application. In other way you can ask for improvements in the future. Please, rate and comment.

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Trimurti Hospital – People who want emergency medical care, first aid help, doctor's appointment.

Trimurti Hospital

People who want emergency medical care, first aid help, doctor’s appointment.

Trimurti Hospital screenshot 0Trimurti Hospital screenshot 1Trimurti Hospital screenshot 2Trimurti Hospital screenshot 3Trimurti Hospital screenshot 4Trimurti Hospital screenshot 5Trimurti Hospital screenshot 6Trimurti Hospital screenshot 7Trimurti Hospital screenshot 8Trimurti Hospital screenshot 9Trimurti Hospital screenshot 10

Being situated in Junagadh, the emerging medical capital of Saurashtra, is Junagadh’s First and most advanced tertiary health care, in the field of Gastroenterology and Laparoscopic Surgery, etc
“Cure With Care”

Application Advantages
-24 Hours Service
-Online Appointment Booking
-Online New About Hospital
-Online Media Support
-First Add
-Hospital Specialty
-Online Doctor Support
-Hospital Speciality

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MRCP Part 1 – MRCP MCQs with 20+ Categories, 3000+ Questions.Unlimited Bookmarks.

MRCP Part 1

MRCP MCQs with 20+ Categories, 3000+ Questions.Unlimited Bookmarks.

MRCP Part 1 screenshot 0MRCP Part 1 screenshot 1MRCP Part 1 screenshot 2MRCP Part 1 screenshot 3MRCP Part 1 screenshot 4MRCP Part 1 screenshot 5MRCP Part 1 screenshot 6MRCP Part 1 screenshot 7MRCP Part 1 screenshot 8MRCP Part 1 screenshot 9MRCP Part 1 screenshot 10MRCP Part 1 screenshot 11MRCP Part 1 screenshot 12MRCP Part 1 screenshot 13MRCP Part 1 screenshot 14MRCP Part 1 screenshot 15MRCP Part 1 screenshot 16MRCP Part 1 screenshot 17MRCP Part 1 screenshot 18

With 3000+ MCQs you can take numerous Quizzes, Revise, view Flash Cards anytime, anywhere without the need of Internet. Keep track of your whole progress drilled down to each category and quiz with a single tap.


• 20+ Categories
• 3000+ Questions, more than any other app
• Unlimited Bookmarks
• Quiz mode
• Quick review mode
• Flash cards mode
• Check answer mode( ability to check your answers at runtime)
• On-line dictionary Integrated(
(double tap on any word to look it up in dictionary)
• Stunning UI
• On-line leader-board to compete and share sores with your friends
• Adjustable font sizes
• Super convenient sliders to navigate through questions and other functionalities
• Full-screen/ normal screen mode
• Easy to attempt quiz with swipe-able questions
• Variable quiz sizes
• Mini graph in each category to keep track of progress individually
• Detailed analyses of a finished quiz in graphical representation
• Track your time after each quiz
• Option to review a finished quiz and bookmark incorrect answers
• Bar graphs to compare categories’ progress
• Line graph to track overall performance
• Bookmarked quizzes
• Built-in notes
• History of recent quizzes of individual category
• Beat your own scores by re-attempting a quiz
• Share any question any time through messaging or export it to other supported apps

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Namma Doctor – This medical application helps general physician doctors.

Namma Doctor

This medical application helps general physician doctors.

Namma Doctor screenshot 0Namma Doctor screenshot 1Namma Doctor screenshot 2Namma Doctor screenshot 3Namma Doctor screenshot 4Namma Doctor screenshot 5Namma Doctor screenshot 6Namma Doctor screenshot 7Namma Doctor screenshot 8Namma Doctor screenshot 9Namma Doctor screenshot 10Namma Doctor screenshot 11Namma Doctor screenshot 12Namma Doctor screenshot 13Namma Doctor screenshot 14Namma Doctor screenshot 15Namma Doctor screenshot 16Namma Doctor screenshot 17Namma Doctor screenshot 18Namma Doctor screenshot 19Namma Doctor screenshot 20Namma Doctor screenshot 21Namma Doctor screenshot 22

In Indian local Language – Namma means “Our” – Our Doctor, We introduce this app for medical professional who are currently practicing at their own hospital or other locations. this medical app is suitable for General medicine practitioners.

This app helps general physicians and doctors to digitise patient records with many features, this may be called as virtual clinic or virtual hospital. This App provides flexibility to doctor to connect with patients as well as patient history from mobile any time. it also connects to various stake holders in patient caring health system.

Following Features provided.

· Doctor Registration

· Patient registration

· Patient Assessment

· Prescription – Prescribe 5 tablets per visit and send message to patients as well as medicine shop.

· Diagnostics – Select any type of tests and send this as message to Patients as well as Diagnostic centre.

· Appointments – Schedule manually appointment with Patient.

· Mail – Check Mails.

· History – Prescription, Diagnostic and Patient health history.

· Bills – Send bill amount as message to patient.

Advantages of using this App:

1. Paper less work.

2. All patient related information digitized.

3. History of patients can be retrieved any time.

4. For Hospitals, tracking of patient history written by all doctors will be easy task.

We have release Android version, iOS version available soon in apple app store.

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Cranial Ultrasound – Cranial Ultrasound is an educational neonatal medical quiz app.

Cranial Ultrasound

Cranial Ultrasound is an educational neonatal medical quiz app.

Cranial Ultrasound screenshot 0Cranial Ultrasound screenshot 1Cranial Ultrasound screenshot 2Cranial Ultrasound screenshot 3Cranial Ultrasound screenshot 4Cranial Ultrasound screenshot 5Cranial Ultrasound screenshot 6Cranial Ultrasound screenshot 7Cranial Ultrasound screenshot 8

Cranial Ultrasound is an educational neonatal quiz app designed for medical students, doctors, radiographers and healthcare professionals. Whether you are studying neonatal cranial ultrasound for the first time or are brushing up on existing knowledge, our app is a valuable tool.

+ Solve over 50 real clinical cases.
+ Common and rarer pathologies are all covered.
+ View over 250 high-quality images.
+ Post your scores to Facebook and Twitter.
+ Share interesting ultrasounds and their explanations with your friends.
+ Bookmark ultrasounds and return to them later.

Cranial Ultrasound is an essential resource. Start training now and you’ll soon be a neonatal cranial ultrasound pro!

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