Palliative Care Tools – Conversion of opioids (with bolus calculation), infusions and corticosteroids

Palliative Care Tools

Conversion of opioids (with bolus calculation), infusions and corticosteroids

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GERMAN converter for Health Care :
Conversion of opioids with bolus calculation (for breakthrough pain), calculation of infusions (calculation of dosage , duration rate , duration, bolus doses and with dropclicker) and conversion of corticosteroids in one tool . Portable for daily work (not only) in the palliative and oncological care for physician and nursing.

1 opioid converter
– Conversion of up to 2 opioids to another opioid with variable reduction and bolus dose
– Output of the whole conversion with tips and possible dose bolus (also of other common opioids)
– Bolus calculation on the basis of an opioid (including boluses are displayed with other common opioids)

2 infusion calculation
– Enter the (aqueous) solution for infusion on total amount , amount of active ingredient or active ingredient concentration
– Enter the pass rate on amount of drug infusion amount, drip rate (also with a dropclicker) or runtime
– Input of active agent bolus or infusion bolus
– Output of the entire regime including duration at 1 to 6 boluses

3 conversion of corticosteroids
– Conversion on the basis of glucocorticoid potency with effective length specification

Only access to network configuration is required (due to the software) .
When you first start the app loads a bit lazy.

Possible opioids :
alfentanil iv buprenorphine enterally , buprenorphine parenterally , buprenorphine transdermal, codeine , dihydrocodeine enterally , dihydrocodeine parenterally , fentanyl enterally , fentanyl parenterally, fentanyl transdermally , hydromorphone enterally , hydromorphone parenterally, hydromorphone epidural , hydromorphone spinal, methadone , meptazinol , morphine enterally , morphine sc , iv morphine , morphine epidural , spinal morphine , nalbuphine , oxycodone enteral, oxycodone parenterally, pethidine , piritramide , iv remifentanil , sufentanil iv , tapentadol , tilidin , tramadol

Possible corticosteroids :
betamethasone, cloprednol , cortisone (acetate) , deflazacort , dexamethasone, fludrocortisone , fluocortolone , hydrocortisone ( cortisol) , methylprednisolone , prednisone , prednisolone , triamcinolone

Created with :
jQuery mobile, PhoneGap , jQuery Keypad by Keith Wood, FT fastclick.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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