La mia voce – Assisted communication tool for those who have no voice and can not speak.

La mia voce

Assisted communication tool for those who have no voice and can not speak.

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“My voice” is a tool designed for those who assisted communication, such as a tumor of the head or neck, there is no voice or difficulty speaking. The app is designed starting from the needs of these people to respond to common situations or details of their lives.
It ‘a useful tool to those directly affected and those close to them (doctors, nurses or other health professionals, family or friends).
In a few steps and intuitively “My voice” allows those who find themselves without a voice to express what he wants, the request for help to the emotions.
Various functions allow you to personalize the app because it responds more to the different daily needs.
Features and Functions
– More than 130 icons each associated with a name and a sentence pre-recorded (male or female voice user selectable)
– Category “pain”, useful in case of pain, to describe the level, type and area of ​​the body in which it occurs
– Function “new icon” is used to insert new custom icons with images and phrases
– “Favorites” function collects the icons chosen as preferred by the user and two sets of useful icons in the hospital and when you are away from home
– Function “write and listen” offers the possibility to enter text and have it play in a voice synthesizer
– Function “I” allows you to enter personal information that may at any time be changed or deleted
– Function “draw” offers the possibility to use the device as a sheet of drawing paper with a finger what you want to communicate
– Function “amplifier” allows you to record messages and play them back at a higher volume
Do not you feel more isolated, “My voice” will be your voice!

Download apk file:


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