bioscientia – The specifications of the Bioscientia – currently, always on hand and free


The specifications of the Bioscientia – currently, always on hand and free

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Bioscientia – Performance directory of laboratory tests

The specifications of the Bioscientia – currently, always on hand and a free service.

We offer, as printed version or the presentation on our website (, an alphabetical listing of the individual studies with the following information

– Required study material
– Pre-analysis
– Reference ranges

The content is updated daily, so you here, unlike a printed version, always find the current data. Via the Internet, the current data are already available quickly, as an app faster and easier. With the additional search the desired examination is found quickly.

Guests also have this information at your fingertips. Not only in practice or in the doctor’s room, but also on the way – during home visits, in retirement or nursing home or at the station. Whenever you have your smartphone or tablet case, the Bid document is available. So you can see directly, which study material you need to take and what to consider if necessary. Important given the large number of studies that are available to you. A several hundred-page directory has no power always there and also the laptop is not the perfect solution.

Bioscientia Institute for Medical Diagnostics, a joint medical-led laboratories provides office-based physicians, hospitals and universities a comprehensive range of modern laboratory diagnostics. This includes the areas

– Endocrinology
– Immunology
– Toxicology
– Serology
– Bacteriology
– Clinical Chemistry
– Hematology
– Immunohematology
– Chromosome diagnostics
– Molecular Biology
– Molecular genetics
– Zytogentik
– Hygiene

Detailed information can be found in our scientific information and on our website bioscientia_de

See more information:


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