Doctors Aid – OPD Management – Doctors Aid – A must have app for Out patient department (OPD) Management

Doctors Aid - OPD Management

Doctors Aid – A must have app for Out patient department (OPD) Management

Doctors Aid - OPD Management screenshot 0Doctors Aid - OPD Management screenshot 1Doctors Aid - OPD Management screenshot 2Doctors Aid - OPD Management screenshot 3Doctors Aid - OPD Management screenshot 4Doctors Aid - OPD Management screenshot 5Doctors Aid - OPD Management screenshot 6Doctors Aid - OPD Management screenshot 7

DOCTORS AID: Get patient information, diagnosis and Rx on the move Anytime. Anywhere!

Doctors Aid is OPD management tool for Doctors as well as small size hospitals having OPD. It is an offline application, just install and start using Doctors Aid without any limitations!

Key features of DOCTORS AID
– Simple user interface
– Quick appointment tab on home screen
– Patient book menu – view patient history, appointment details, diagnosis, Rx, add patient reports and refer to other doctor
– Introduced Refer Patient To Other Doctor* – send your patient information with history and reports (optional) to other doctors via e-mail, Bluetooth, Google drive and other supporting services
– Track balance dues and send automated SMS or make a direct call to patient
– Customize the patient information such as patient photo, notes, and reports in one section
– View patient appointment history – Diagnosis, Rx, fees paid and remaining amount if any
– Export to excel feature – View and generate daily patient payment reports in excel format
– Make your own diagnosis list for quick reference
– Backup and restore all patient data

Please note:
Most of the e-mail providers allow users to send messages up to 25 megabytes (MB) in size. If you’d like to send attachments (read: patient reports) that are larger than that, you can send it from Google Drive or other similar services and share Google Drive link with other doctors.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve our ability to serve you better. Please email question and feature request to

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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