WB@pp – The Weiterbildungsapp the German doctors


The Weiterbildungsapp the German doctors

WB@pp screenshot 0WB@pp screenshot 1WB@pp screenshot 2WB@pp screenshot 3WB@pp screenshot 4WB@pp screenshot 5WB@pp screenshot 6

This functional prototype of the WB @ pp it is possible to support the easiest way doctors in their administrative training process.
By now familiar Scan function in the smartphone’s in-training doctor or a physician located in a development is added in a digital list a training officer by EFN. This display can be synchronized by the training officer and the doctor or the doctor in training immediately in the “own” WB @ pp.
Thus, training officer have an overview of the own doctors in training and in continuing education located physicians about the so-documented sections.
Greatest possible transparency of course no privacy to ignore was the original idea here.
Also the electronic systems of the respective chambers of physicians get these encrypted data made available.
This should serve in the course of training time to optimize the later application process for Fachartprüfung significant.
This incurred by scanning records can in the chamber portals (eg date) to be adjusted. So it is also provided that important documents (certificates, contracts, etc.) of the chamber passed digitally.
The overall concept also provides evaluations of the training sites or the training officer, which could be offered to members of the medical associations.
Depending on the acceptance of the WB @ pp could follow in training soon other functions, such as a search for training officer or an indication of vacancies for doctors.
This requires the personalization of the app in the corresponding chamber portal.
This pilot project is a development of the medical associations Brandenburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt and the German Medical Association, which represents the evaluation server is available in a proof of concept.
The prototype works as of June 01, 2014 in Hesse. Other medical associations will follow in the next few weeks.

See more information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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