NeuroXdiag – Help the radiological diagnosis of neuroencéphaliques emergencies.


Help the radiological diagnosis of neuroencéphaliques emergencies.

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NeuroXdiag is a helper application to radiological diagnosis neuroencéphaliques emergencies for professionals, radiologists, neurologists, emergency physicians, interns and medical students.
The neuroradiological imaging is now essential in the diagnosis of neurological and neurosurgical pathologies. In emergency situations, these conditions require a rapid diagnosis to guide therapeutic management optimally, thus improving the patient’s prognosis.
The application is organized into three sections: emergency neuroradiological / diagnostic aid / medico-legal aspects.
Neuroradiological emergencies gather detailed factsheets on key situations encephalic neuroradiological emergencies accompanied by a rich iconography and references. For better analysis, all Pictures can be enlarged by pressing and holding on the image and dragging without releasing the screen.
Support software interactive diagnostic, educational and easy to use will allow you to refine your diagnostic radiology face real clinical and radiological situations.
Finally, a reminder of the forensic aspects of neuroradiology is proposed.
This application is intended only for healthcare professionals. It is intended to provide a diagnostic aid, but can not substitute for the integration of all clinical and laboratory data of the patient, the physician’s experience or confrontation to all relevant current data validated medical science.
Its use does not require internet connection to access all circumstances.

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