Медицина. Экспертная система. – Almost every person needs such medical expert system …

Медицина. Экспертная система.

Almost every person needs such medical expert system …

Медицина. Экспертная система. screenshot 0Медицина. Экспертная система. screenshot 1Медицина. Экспертная система. screenshot 2Медицина. Экспертная система. screenshot 3Медицина. Экспертная система. screenshot 4Медицина. Экспертная система. screenshot 5Медицина. Экспертная система. screenshot 6Медицина. Экспертная система. screenshot 7

“Medical Expert System.” – Is a free ELTASK.COM (eltask.com) software products for a wide range of users. Funding for this project is due to the good people who help us a little in our ELTASK.COM site (and get a gift in the latest and more “smart” off-line version of the program – “Mobile Medical Expert System.”). We turned off the ads in the program and are looking for a useful program for users of advertising. We invite advertisers to cooperate (contact email: eltask.com@outlook.com).

We are convinced that virtually every person needs a universal medical reference book with efficient algorithms for information retrieval and interdependencies of information blocks (mobile expert system). The program has a very small size (very fast loading and will not be any significant decrease memory of your device). With this program, you get access to more than 70 000 articles and more than 500 MB of data.

The program works with optimized mobile site medicine.eltask.com (medicina.eltask.com). You can work with this website and from any device connected to the Internet (you can save and print the required pages to you).

The program currently has only Russian interface. We ask users who do not speak Russian, do not give a bad evaluation because of the language (UI) misunderstanding. ELTASK.COM (eltask.com) The company accepts orders for the creation of similar programs for a fee (in the local language, translated using the knowledge base or customer knowledge base).

Currently, service data base include complementary sections:
– Medical Encyclopedia;
– Dictionary of medical terms;
– Disease Handbook;
– Medications;
– Emergency and state aid;
– Herbs;
– Psychology and Psychiatry;
– Microbiology;
– Anatomy;
– International Classification of Diseases. ICD-10;
– Standards of medicine;
– Analyses and surveys;
– Pediatrics (treatment of children);
– Drugs in Pediatrics.

The program requires a minimum of permissions (only permission to work with the Internet resource medicine.eltask.com). The program is most safe for you, because we (the company ELTASK.COM) value our reputation and minimize architectural decisions need permits interaction program with your device.

The program has a very simple and intuitive interface. The program menu is equipped with the option “Help.”

Server logic of this service will be constantly expanded and improved – soon there will be new sections, new articles, search for additional logic and functionality of new information relationships. You do not have to reinstall the program – change will mostly server-side logic. The client-server architecture of the program allows you to gain access to a very large knowledge bases (that is impossible or extremely difficult to place in the modern android-devices) and allows you to save your resources (free memory space, processing power, battery life …) .

See more information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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