YPMM – Patient Room Checklist – Patient room checklist. Quick check list.

YPMM - Patient Room Checklist

Patient room checklist. Quick check list.

YPMM - Patient Room Checklist screenshot 0YPMM - Patient Room Checklist screenshot 1YPMM - Patient Room Checklist screenshot 2YPMM - Patient Room Checklist screenshot 3YPMM - Patient Room Checklist screenshot 4YPMM - Patient Room Checklist screenshot 5YPMM - Patient Room Checklist screenshot 6

This is a very generic daily checklist that could be used by nurses and/or physicians for quick patient checklists. It has a main screen that will show a listing of check lists per patient room. It allows you to input a patient room number and check off check boxes for “pain management”, “re-assessment pain management” and “charted.”. The application also allows you to manage your check box listings, as mentioned above. The application allows you to search previous days for double checking. It stores the information for three days and than the data is purged from the application. The patient room check list was built for simplicity and quick ease of use due to the potential hectic schedule that can come with working in the medical profession.

A new button was added in the latest 5.7 version. It is not application specific but links to a worthy cause I’d like to promote. It only pops up if you click on it. You also have the ability to hide that button by going into the settings screen. You can do that by clicking the icon image at the top left corner. Within the Application Settings screen, you can uncheck the “Display Donation Image?” check box.

See more information and download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/medical


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