Dia/Op koder – For doctors and secretaries: Do diagnostic or surgical code quickly.

Dia/Op koder

For doctors and secretaries: Do diagnostic or surgical code quickly.

Dia/Op koder screenshot 0Dia/Op koder screenshot 1Dia/Op koder screenshot 2

The app is for doctors, nurses and secretaries who work with diagnostic and surgical coding of diseases and operations of Danish clinics and hospitals.

The codes used in emergency cards, discharge summaries, records, instructions and operation notes and the DRG payment.
It is important that the coding is correct for the sake of documentation of the patient’s disease.

The app has been developed by doctors and medical students, the people behind instruksen.dk and diagnosekoder.dk

• You can navigate through your search results with arrows.
• You can save your favorite codes bookmark
• In the search is ch and k æ and ae, pH and f and x and ks equal
• The keyword order is arbitrary.
• You can use both codes and text.
• There are suggestions as you type.
• You can choose to filter the results of diagnoses and operations.
• If you click on a sentence, you get all the codes in the code section you are working with.

SKS codes are courtesy of Health, sst_dk
Program code and database are protected by copyright and disseminated only for private use.
Companies and institutions, please write to us for larger orders.
The application may not be copied, reused, resold, or otherwise reused in other programs or applications.
Diagnosekodningen based on the WHO ICD-10 classification, operation codes of NSCP in the Nordic NOMESCO cooperation.
In addition, geographic codes, treatment and procedure codes as well as certain SNOMED codes.

Copyright Trifork Medical / Kähler Inc. / SST 2011

See more information and download apk file: goo.gl/UpSsv5


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