Defibrillator Map – Is there a Defibrillator near you?

Defibrillator Map

Is there a Defibrillator near you?

Defibrillator Map screenshot 0Defibrillator Map screenshot 1Defibrillator Map screenshot 2Defibrillator Map screenshot 3Defibrillator Map screenshot 4Defibrillator Map screenshot 5Defibrillator Map screenshot 6Defibrillator Map screenshot 7Defibrillator Map screenshot 8Defibrillator Map screenshot 9Defibrillator Map screenshot 10Defibrillator Map screenshot 11Defibrillator Map screenshot 12Defibrillator Map screenshot 13Defibrillator Map screenshot 14Defibrillator Map screenshot 15Defibrillator Map screenshot 16Defibrillator Map screenshot 17Defibrillator Map screenshot 18Defibrillator Map screenshot 19Defibrillator Map screenshot 20

This app shows you the nearest Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to your location.
It also allows you to:

Upload your own Defibrillator locations including GPS co-ordinates.
Seek out training in your area.
Have your communities training published on the app.
Watch instructional videos on CPR and Defibrillator use.
Learn about heart conditions.
Record maintenance checks of your defibrillators.

Our database is small but growing and will continue to do so with your input.

Is there a Defibrillator near you?
Could you find and use it in an emergency?

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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