BMI Calculator Pro – Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator. Metric/Standard. For people 2 years and older.

BMI Calculator Pro

Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator. Metric/Standard. For people 2 years and older.

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BMI calculator – Free(ad-supported) Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator app.
(NOTE: An ad-free but paid version of this popular BMI calculator app is available, so if you’re not OK with ads and want to purchase it, please search the android market by entering “BMI Calculator Pro Youdroid” it has the same logo at this one and is also from YouDroid).

✓ This BMI Calculator is Free
✓ It supports both English and Metric measurement units.
✓ It computes BMI for children and teens, aged 2 through 19 years old, including Z-Score, percentile, result.
✓ BMI for adults, 20 years old and older, including healthy weight range.
✓ Measurements can be saved (for privacy sake, all data is saved locally on your phone and nowhere else!) and browsed back (Menu -> History).
✓ Multi users is supported ( Menu -> Add User). A user can be added/edited/deleted. This is, for instance, useful and handy for families for their children and professionals.
✓ Healthy weight and BMI ranges.

*** For privacy sake, all your data/information is saved locally on your phone and nowhere else.

*** You have to add a new user if you want to save his/her results and avoid re-entering all needed info each time you want to calculate his/her BMI. You can browse this user’s history.

*** Use the “Default User” if you want to enter height, weight, sex, birth-date,.. each time to calculate BMI. This is useful if you want to calculate BMI of random people without having to create a new user or needing to save their results.

** Please tell us what you think/want by rating and reviewing this app on Android Market. We value your opinion. ( Menu -> Rate us)

Thank you for being patient 🙂

✓ What customers say:
“Bmi calculator This ap is very complete and seems to be very accurate. And it’s free!”

“Excellent So far I’m very very pleased with this app works great on my droid x”

“Works like it’s supposed to. And the history tracker is a great motivator!”

“Simple but Powerful Great user experience with straightforward instructions. Clear and systematic history view.”

Download apk file:


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